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Janet Korpershoek

Janet Korpershoek was born in 1964. Her mother Hanny Korpershoek, also a professional painter, and father Johan Korpershoek, were active in stimulating Janet’s talent as a painter, from an early age, providing “Portrait” lessons from Kees Graswinckel.


Janet later attended the Art Academy “Minerva” in Groningen, receiving tuition from Wout Muller and Mathijs Röling. Upon returning to Zwolle, Janet became a member of "The Palette” ("Het Palet"), as well as the “Enschede Art Collection” ("Enschedees Kunstcollectief"). During this period, she painted many portraits and animals.

Painting lessons

Janet now lives with her husband and four children in the countryside near Nieuwleusen, where she gives painting lessons in her own studio. The studio is furbished with old and interesting objects, which provide the inspiration for her current paintings.

"I like to see the form, and composition of colours, in beautiful objects, and glean those, to create my own compositions. My paintings radiate a sense of calm. This, in contrast to the routine rush of daily life. My studio is where I enter upon my own world, and disappear, it is there, I find my peace and calm".